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My Pals, I have HUGE news to share with you! is a finalist for a Pettie award in the category of Best Dog Blog. The Petties are annual awards given by DogTime Media to recognize the best of the pet blogging community. Needless to say, we are so excited!

This is better than a walk, a treat, or … gasp … even chasing a cat! We are so honored to even be considered for this amazing award (think of it as the Academy Award for pet bloggers!). We also know that we are only a finalist because of you, all my pals, my readers, my Facebook pals, and my Twitter followers. I would like to give each of you a hug, a tail wag, and a face lick for believing in this little white dog and our blog.

So what happens if I win you ask? Well, I get a really cool trophy to put in my crate with my name on it. Also, more importantly, I will win $1,000 to give to an animal 501(c)3 of my choice. I debated and debated on whom I would give it to if I am lucky enough to win. After much deliberation and talking with the rents, I plan to split the money between two westie rescue groups that are close to my heart:

  • Westie Rescue Southeast. This is the great group that got us started fostering and being involved in the rescue world. This is also where my brother Elvis came from as well as many of my foster brothers you have gotten to know over the years including Baxter, Tommy, Dancer, and Charlie.
  • Westie Rescue Indiana. This is an amazing group of women who have welcomed us with open arms to help even though I don’t technically live in Indiana. Every year they plan an amazing Westie Walk and we are on the planning committee. They have also allowed me to help them accept a number of Kentucky westies into their rescue including my friends Jack, Gabbie, and Maddie.

So how do we win? We NEED YOUR HELP! Please get out there and vote for us every day! The voting is open daily until July 31st and requires a Facebook account.

Please go to:

We would also like to suggest some of our pet blogger friends to vote for. Our pal Gracey from The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club is up for Best Blog Post. Also, our friends at are up for an award for Best Use of Social Media and they run a company called EventBarkers that does amazing twitter pet parties.

AGAIN, PLEASE remember to vote every day for your favorite pet bloggers HERE ==> .


  1. Howdy Preston, so nice to see you again! Congrats on your Pettie nomination, I have been voting for you every single day!

  2. I found your blog on the list of Petties finalists. Hope it’s okay to comment that your fans don’t need a Facebook account to vote. You can log in with an email address only under the FB log in link. Good luck!

    • prestonspeaks says:

      Thanks Mary we didn’t realize you didn’t need facebook. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Good luck Preston!! We voted for you:)

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