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Behind the Paw — Day 1

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

Mom recently went to Iams/ Eukanuba Behind the Paw Blogger Summit in Dayton Ohio. To catch up and read my past blogs click here. Plus, if you have any questions please comment below. I will have mom do her best to answer them.

Day one — by Preston’s mom

I got up bright and early on Sunday to catch my flight to Dayton. I left Kentucky and it was raining, I had a layover in Detroit, it was raining, and I landed in Dayton Ohio and it was raining. Actually, the whole trip it was raining and we never saw the sun. But once I arrived at the hotel I was excited about what this trip entailed. Iams was very kind and left a goody basket in the hotel room with some pet products, P&G products (their parent company), and snacks for us.

I have been blogging for eleven months but some of my fellow bloggers also in attendance were “heavy hitters” in the pet blog world. In total between these blogs we reach over half a million viewers monthly But once I met them everyone was so kind and there wasn’t any egos involved. I encourage you to visit these other pet blogs and tell them Rachel and Preston sent you.

After I was settled in it was off to the bowling alley in what we quickly called the party bus for dinner and a bowling challenge given to us from Iams. This bus had couches, TV,s and even a frig and microwave. It was such a great environment to get to know our fellow bloggers and the Iams/Eukanuba staff.

Iams gave us bowling shirts to wear for our bowling tournament which was called Pins for Pets. We were paired up two bloggers with two Iams/Eukanuba staff members. It was a great way to get to know each other in a casual atmosphere to ask the staff all the questions we had about their company. They didn’t hold back either and we fielded many questions about why we blog, and about our pets. The way the tournament worked was the first game was a warm up and practice but the second game they took all the bloggers scores (I got a 98..not bad for me) added it up, doubled it,and that equaled the pounds of food Iams was going to give to one needy shelter. All us bloggers wrote our favorite shelter on an slip of paper and Joanne from the Tinest Tiger drew the winner. I had put down my town’s local shelter since they are currently in such need for cat food. I had never hoped so much that my sheet would be drawn. Unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky as I was hoping and they didn’t draw my shelter. But a wonderful shelter from Cleveland Ohio that Jamie from Thoughtsfurpaws volunteers with won over two tons of food. Jamie WAS so excited that she was actually crying from joy. I was so happy for her and we were all celebrating with her! Here i my bowling team!

But Iams kindness wasn’t over. Beverly one of the community managers runs a blog called my flat pet. In the animal blogging world when you can’t bring your pet with you you have a cut out you take so they can still be in pictures. Bev has flat Tyler that we took pictures with! Well Jason ,Bev’s boss, dared her to put flat Tyler in front of the pins. If the blogger with the lowest score could hit him with a bowling ball Bev could give a ton of food away to a animal shelter of her choice. And Dr. V. from her blog has this moment on video.. Check it out! Do you think another shelter received a wonderful donation from Iams? I’m not giving the end have to watch!

Disclosure- Iams did cover my travel expenses and hotel to attend the summit. However, Opinions are my own. Also no flat pets where hurt in the bowling competition!

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

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