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Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

I recently saw a news clip on the worlds tallest dog so I decided to find out what other categories us dogs can compete in to win a world record. Here are the interesting ones I found.

  • Longest Tongue — Puggy a Pekingese 4.5 inches
  • Largest Litter — Tia a Neapolitan Mastiff. She has TWENTY FOUR Puppies!
  • Smallest Dog — Boo Boo a Chihuahuas. She is 4 inches tall
  • Tallest Dog — Giant George. He is 3 feet 5 inches tall
  • Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons — Anatasia, a Jack Russell Terrier in 44.9 seconds
  • Most Frisbees Caught and Held at One Time — Rose — 7 Frisbees
  • Loudest Bark — Daz a German Shepard and he can bark at 108 decibels
  • Oldest Dog — Bluey an Australian Cattle dog that lived to be 29 years old.
  • Longest Flying Disk Throw Caught — 390 feet caught by Cheyenee
  • Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth — 5 at one time by Augie a Golden Retriever
  • Longest Ears on a Dog — Tigger a bloodhound 13.75 inches and 13.5 inches.

I think I need to compete for a Guinness world record. Personally, I would love to have the loudest bark but mom says I need to work really hard to be the oldest dog so I’m around a very, very, very long time!

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website

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