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Kumfy Tailz swag for our superfans

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

My pals I love to meet and hang out with you! Well this week I’m going back to Texas to the Amazing Pet Expo in San Antonio.  Like I said last time I visited everything is bigger in Texas and I’m going back to be a big dog again! (at least for the weekend hehehe).

My big news is and are giving away Kumfy Tailz cooling harnesses right from our booth. These neat cooling harnesses are valued at $50.   I’ll let you in on a secret these are only for our superfans like you! Just stop by and say I’m a superfan Preston and we will give you a Kumfy Tailz harness for your doggie.  However, we have limited sizes and colors so stop by our booth early to make sure you get one.

Now here is a little bit about this neat cooling harness!

The Kumfy Tailz works thanks to its size-appropriate Kumfy Pax pouch that can be used for cooling or warming, depending on the weather. (It’s like the gel packs you’d put in a child’s lunch to keep it cool.) To use the Kumfy Pax pouch for cooling, simply place it in your freezer. When ready to go outside, slip the pouch into the Kumfy Tailz chest pocket to help Fido stay cool and enjoy his activity. In the winter, the pouch can be microwaved before slipping it inside your dog’s harness. Kumfy Tailz and Kumfy Pax were developed in close consultation with Kumfy Tailz’ licensed veterinarian adviser, Jennifer Henderson, DVM.

The outside layer of fabric on the Kumfy Tailz warming and cooling harnesses has recently been changed to a mesh fabric, available in numerous colors. Other than the fabric change, the product remains the same. To learn more, follow the Kumfy Tailz  Facebook page, follow on Twitter, or visit their website to see the new fabrics.


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