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Elvis tries out Lintbell’s YuMOVE Joint Supplement

Written by Rachel Phelps

Hi, my pals.  If you remember, I have a Westie dog brother named Elvis. He is twelve years old and is a little odd because he lived his first four years in a puppy mill.  Unfortunately, on his last vet visit with the love of his life (yes, he has a major crush on our vet) she told him his legs were getting very stiff.  She told Mom he needed to go on more walks and to start him on some supplements for his joints.

Being a good brother, I am, I instantly thought about Lintbells YuMOVE dog joint supplement. We met the company at a Los Angeles pet event and were so impressed with their product.  They have done a lot of research on every ingredient that goes into their product because they are very passionate about us dogs and our health.  I reached out to my new pals at Lintbells and asked if Elvis could try their products for sixty days to see if it helped with his joint issues.  They said sure and sent us some product to help my brother.

Lintbell’s YuMOVE

First, let me back up a bit and tell you about this product.  Lintbells is the UK market leader in dog joint supplements and they just recently expanded into the United States. YuMOVE hip and joint supplements have all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, and are soft chews that taste delicious to us dogs!  Yes, I tried one too :-).

The main ingredient is a concentrated form of the superfood Green Lipped Mussels(GLM) called ActiveEaseTM.  Now I admit, I had to Google to figure out what in the world this was. They only live in New Zealand and they have a very high concentration of Omegas 3 which is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps relieve stiff joints.  I know you had to be wondering like I was if these mussels are actually bright green.  Yes, they are!

These supplements also contain manganese which forms new collagen in our bones, hyaluronic acid that acts as a lubricant for our joints, and Chondroitin and Glucosamine which maintain healthy cartilage to support joint structure and strength.

The YuMOVE supplements are bone shaped and come in three sizes.  They have size small for dogs up to thirty-five pounds, medium for dogs thirty-six to sixty-five pounds, and large for pups over sixty-five pounds.  There is a month supply of treats in each package and they retail between $23.50 and $34.50.

Signs of Joint Issues in Dogs

Now I know what you are thinking.  How do I know if my dog needs a supplement to help improve their joint function?  I admit us dogs like to hide anything wrong with us, so you need to look closely for these signs.

  • Sleeping more
  • Lagging behind on walks
  • Doesn’t want to run, play, and/or jump on anything
  • Stiff when getting up

Also, even if us pups are not showing these signs, it doesn’t hurt to get us started on joint supplements. I learned it is actually recommended that EVERY dog from the age of seven on should be on joint supplements since the longer we can prevent any issues, the better! Plus, what doggie wouldn’t want an extra treat every day … hehehe

Elvis’s 60-day Challenge

Elvis was very excited about testing out the YuMOVE supplement once he learned he would get special alone time on walks with Mom and extra treats every day.  If you watch the video below from day one, you can clearly see how stiff he was and how hard it was for him to walk around the block.

We also learned that you need to “front load” the treats to have the most effect.  Front loading meant that for the first few weeks we actually did two treats a day and then backed off to one treat a day from then on.  Within the first week, I could tell he was enjoying walks more.  After about a month, he was picking up his pace and even wanted to go more than a block.  He is now up to walking 2 to 3 blocks a day.  Also, Elvis LOVES the taste of these supplements.  He now expects them during meal time on top of his kibble.

Overall, Lintbell’s YuMOVE was a success.  Elvis is moving again, he wants to go on more and more walks, and we have seen a real difference in his mobility.

Lintbells is offering Preston Speaks fans 50% off a YuMOVE Starter Pack- that’s a 6-week supply of a double dose to get your pup feeling the difference as fast as possible! Just visit this unique link  to take advantage of this special offer:

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Disclosure – The Lintbell’s YuMOVE joint supplements were provided to Elvis free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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