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Preston’s Medal Dreams with Fetchfuel

FetchFuel Product Review with
Written by Rachel Phelps

Hey, my pals.  Have you been glued to the TV like I have?  Did you see Usain Bolt last win the 200 meters last night?!?  Oh my dog, he is one fast runner!  I think he could seriously outrun me!  Well, watching the summer games got me thinking … why can’t I be a world-class dog athlete?  I look good in gold, so why not collect some medals to wear around the house or on my daily walks?  When I told mom about my big plans, she told me first I have to pick a sport then start doing some very serious training.

My Sport

I really thought seriously about what sport to choose.  I figured I should start by thinking about what I am good at and what I enjoy.  Also, what could I dominate in like Bolt?  Then the answer finally came to me … LURE COURSING!  It should be perfect since I am totally awesome at lure coursing, I really enjoy it, and could beat many dogs – so I just know I could win the gold!  After all, I am pretty much the pup version of Bolt with the lure course.



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For those of you that don’t know, lure coursing is a dog sport where dogs chase something (often a plastic bag) attached to a pulley system that can change directions at any time. One big challenge for me could be training, as I don’t have a lure machine.  I think I have a solution though.  On windy days I am going to chase a plastic bag blowing in the breeze.  You may think that sounds funny, but you never know which way or how hard the wind is going to blow, so I think it will be really good practice.


FetchFuel Product Review with PrestonSpeaks.comApproved supplements are important for us world-class athletes to be in top shape. So when my pals at Fetchfuel told me they had a great nutritional product that could help me prepare for the dog summer games, I was ready to try it. FetchFuel is a squeezable nutrition available in three formulas. These include Joints & Hips (Active), Skin & Coat (Omega), and Digestion (Belly).

  • ACTIVE is a unique vegetarian blend of high-quality Glucosamine, Omega rich oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Naturally tasty, easy to serve, and more easily absorbed into dog’s joints, it supports joint health and healthy skin.
  • OMEGA is a revolutionary blend of 100% natural, omega rich wild Alaskan fish oil, olive oil, and organic coconut oil. A tasty and easy way to support healthy skin and coat, joint health, strong heart and overall wellness.
  • BELLY is a naturally tasty and easy way to enhance your dog’s daily diet with fiber, prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Great for switching foods, soothing a sensitive stomach, or giving enhanced nutritional support for dogs.

Even though I could use all three of these since I want a great looking coat and well, good potty … BOL, I decided to use the Active formula for my lure training. The active formula has 600mg of Glucosamine to support joints & hips, as well as over 275mg of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.  The Omega fatty acids act as an anti-inflammatory and aid in the absorption of these rich nutrients.

FetchFuel Product Review with PrestonSpeaks.comTo use Fetchfuel, you are supposed to put it on top of or regular food.  For a westie like me, the serving size would be one tablespoon based on weight.  The first couple times I used FetchFuel, Mom measured it out with a tablespoon, but once she got an idea how much it was she could just squeeze it directly on top of my food.  Mom also likes that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated since fridge shelf room is a premium at our house.  How does it taste?  YUMMY!!  I gobbled it right up and even asked for more.  Unfortunately, Mom said “Nope, you only get one squeeze a day.”

The results

I ran like the wind and got the gold medal in the Preston games held in my backyard this week.  Granted, this is just a qualifier event for the big games, and my competitors included a dog with a previously broken back leg (Daisy), a lazy dog who only trots (Elvis), a dog recovering from skin problems (Rupp), and a 14 year old dog who is deaf and almost blind (Kate).  But a win is a win right?  Hehehe.

To learn more go to:

To purchase, go to: FetchFuel – Squeezable Joint & Coat Supplement for Dogs.

FetchFuel usually retails for around $18 to $28.  Overall, I give it a gold medal paws up!

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Disclosure – This product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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