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Is Your Pet Naughty? If So, Win Some Money!

Terry Naughty Pets
Written by Rachel Phelps

Attention my United Kingdom pals (I know there are a lot of you “across the pond” that follow my blog!). I finally have a great contest that you can win! Our pals at Terry’s Fabrics, a nationwide (UK) seller of curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings, cushions and blinds wants to see which pet has done the most damage in their house! Terry’s Fabrics will reward their owners with up to £500 that could go towards repairing the damage. See, sometimes being a bad dog does pay off!

I asked Terry’s why they are drawing attention to our bad behaviour, and they said it is to help pets redeem themselves! Christmas can be a time when pets are overexcited just like children, and this exuberance can lead to some costly mishaps. Terry’s knows that sometimes things happen, so they want to help us fix what we have chewed or scratch up and to make our rents happy again!

To enter, Enter Giveaway get your rents to pull out their camera or camera phone and snap a quick picture of your damage! They also said if you are the offending pet, get in the photo too! Terry’s wants to see who is behind this “work of art” … hehehe. Also, don’t forget to include a short description of the damage.

The winner will be decided based on which pet Terry’s think is the naughtiest. If they are not sure, the deciding factor will be based on Facebook votes (so make sure to share your entry).

Naughty Pets Prizes

Terry’s Fabrics is looking to reward owners of the naughtiest pet with some cash, which could go towards repairing the damage their pet has caused.

  • 1st Place: £500
  • 2nd Place: £150
  • 3rd Place: £75

I got out the trusty calculator (sorry, I don’t know pounds very well, only dollars) and that is a good chunk of change for your rents to go out shopping with!

How to enter

 Step 1: Upload a photo of the damage the pet has done here  – Enter Giveaway.

If you can’t get a picture of the pet with the damage, then you can upload a picture using the upload file option at the bottom of the form.

 Step 2: Tell us why your pet is the naughtiest!

Including the cost of the damage in the description will give you the best chance to win.

See, only two steps to enter. Not bad at all! So start entering now! Don’t worry, I can’t enter, which is probably a good thing because we have done a lot of damage to our house over the years … hehehe.

Your Pal,

Disclosure –This post is brought to you by Terry’s Fabrics.  However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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