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The Hatch Carrier – Comfort Your Pet While Travelling

Pet Hatch Carrier -
Written by Rachel Phelps

Sometimes you see a new product and think, that is such a good idea, I want one! When I first saw the Hatch Carrier on Kickstarter I immediately thought this is perfect for us traveling pets!

The Hatch Carrier allows you humans to reach into our carrier to comfort and calm us (pet us). What makes this feature really awesome is that we can’t get out while you are petting us. Mom does this all the time in my carrier now. She opens the top flap and pets me but luckily I am too big to wiggle my way out (trust me, I have tried). However, the last time my Mom used my carrier for my dog sister Daisy, she learned in the Nashville airport that Daisy is small enough to get out! Yep, Daisy escaped. I guess she wanted to go to the restaurant near our gate for a snack. Mom quickly caught her, but it gave her a heart attack when she realized Daisy had gotten out … bad Daisy!

The Hatch Carrier has this really neat system that allows the human to reach into the interior of the carrier through an elastic entry portal to pet us, but eliminates potential escape routes for us … even for smaller dogs. Check out these photos to see the Hatch Carrier up close!

Angeled Bag_600w_72dpi

The inventor Jon Mirsky was inspired to create the Hatch Carrier by his tabby cat Junior who traveled with him. Every time Jon petted his cat by opening the zipper, Junior would force his way out of the bag. To fix this, he invented an access system that eliminated the potential dangers while maintaining the human pet bond. We think Jon is one smart guy!

Some of the great features we like about the Hatch Carrier include:

  • The Direct Reach hatch
  • Entire front panel and both ends open for easy pet loading
  • Large zipper pockets on both sides
  • Large open air mesh windows on sides and ends for excellent ventilation
  • Custom molded EVA base
  • Water-resistant military grade ballistic nylon
  • Durable, claw resistant mesh
  • Packs flat for easy packing and storage
  • Removable luxury interior pet bed that is machine washable
  • Has a handle on top to carry us and a padded shoulder strap too
  • Made to fasten in a car seat or secure to roller luggage
  • It is flight-approved

I am so excited it is approved to use on airlines! I know from experience that takeoffs and landings can be scary, so having your rents pet you can be real reassuring.

I know you want one now … right? Sorry, but they won’t ship until April, but you can order one now and have it in time to take us with you on your summer vacation!

For more information on the Hatch Carrier and to order, visit Hatch Carrier for Cats and Dogs on Kickstarter. The great news is they have reached their goal so that means they will go into production soon. There are still some great discounts for new orders.

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Disclosure –This post is brought to you by  the Hatch Carrier.  However, opinions expressed here are my own.





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  • This is Jon, the inventor of the portal system and co-founder of Hatch – thank you, Preston, for the wonderful review!

    I would love to answer any questions anyone might have – I’m hoping we can make a valuable contribution to avoiding potential disasters like Daisy’s harrowing escapade!

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