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Allergy Elvis Tries Out @Purina Just Right Dog Food #PurinaPartners

Just Right Blend -
Written by Rachel Phelps

My brother Elvis has a lot of issues. Besides being a puppy mill dog, lazy as can be, and a little slow sometimes (I mean really, who repeats beginners training class over and over and over again … hehehe), he has allergies too. These allergies have led to huge vet bills for ear infections and anal gland problems. He had an allergy test done to find out what he is allergic to and it turns out he is allergic to a lot of different ingredients in food. So when our pals at Purina said they could make a food blend just for my brother Elvis, I said sure, let’s try it out!

Purina Just Right

Purina Just Right is a true custom blend that is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pup. To order, go to the Just Right website and set up a profile for your dog. This website will ask you all sorts of questions like what breed, how much do they weigh, how active are they, health conditions, if they are too skinny or have a little extra bacon on their bones, and even if they have allergies. You can also specify the protein source such as chicken, lamb, or salmon, and if you want the food to be grain free. Then, in the top-secret lab at Purina (they must have mad scientists with crazy hair and long lab coats surely … hehehe) they design a food based on the specific needs of your pet.

Just Right Blend -

The food is rush shipped to your home and my favorite part is they put your pet’s photo on the front of the dog food bag. I always wanted to be the star of my very own bag. That is like being a supermodel dog … hehehe.

When the food arrived Elvis was so excited to try it. He got the grain-free, lamb, for old dogs that are couch potatoes. I had to taste it to test it out and I have to say it was yummy!

As far as Elvis’s allergies, we didn’t have any flare-ups while he ate the food. Purina also told us how to transition him over from his current food so he didn’t have any digestive or upset tummy’s issues.

Overall, Elvis gives the Purina Just Right two paws up and a yum, yum, yum, in his tummy endorsement. I like that dogs that need custom food due to health conditions can now get food they can actually eat in a kibble.

To learn more and to design your pup’s own Purina Just Right food, go to

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Disclosure – This products was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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  • I enjoyed reading the newsletter about my 3 favorite Westies. So after all 74 tests for the allergies, they didn’t come up with a few leading ingredients in foods that would cause major allergy symptoms? It sounds like the doctors think that Elvis has a variety of substances that are causing him distress?

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