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Halloween with Martha Stewart Pets @marthastewart

Devil Costume - Martha Stewart Pets
Written by Rachel Phelps

Halloween is only nine days way and I have to have a costume. A few weeks ago I had no idea what I was going to wear. I have been Indiana bones, a firefighter, a cowboy, and even a doctor. When my pals at Martha Stewart told me they had the perfect costume for me, I was all-ears (get it, I have huge ears … hehehe). They said it was a surprise and they would mail it to me.

So I waited by the door for days (ok, not really, but I like to sound dramatic). When the package arrived I tore it open. They sent me a devil costume! Mom cracked up and said they sure know you are my little devil! I don’t get it. I am not that bad of a dog … well, most of the time.

The devil costume is a sparkly one-piece jumper (four leg holes), Velcro closure, wings, faux leather horns, and a tail. The top of the costume is like a hoodie, so it is easy to put the horns on us.

Devil Costume - Martha Stewart PetsTo dress your pup like me (and we can be lil devils together) go to: Martha Stewart Pets Devil Halloween Costume.

They also sent me a great toy to play with that goes with my costume. It is a hedgehog plush toy wearing a tee shirt that says “Lil Devil”. Yes, it has a squeaker in it. I really had fun playing with my new toy and I hid it in my bed so Elvis wouldn’t steal it and de-stuff it. Trust me, your pup will want their own “Lil Devil”, so go to: Martha Stewart Pets “Little Devil” Hedgehog Halloween Dog Toy

So … I have to ask. Do you think I’m a little devil like Mom said? Personally, I think I’m a perfect angel!

Your Pal,



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