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Elvis and the Girl Scout Cookies

Written by Rachel Phelps


Sometimes I wonder why did we have to adopt my dog brother Elvis?!?!  He gets in the worst binds sometimes and brings me along for the ride!  Sometimes Elvis and I don’t get along the best.  I firmly say it is Elvis’s fault completely!  But in our ongoing efforts to be good brothers, we are “forced” to spend time together just the two of us.

The “Girl Scout cookie day” was just one of those days.  Mom left us alone while she went around cleaning up the house.  I was being a good westie.  But then … Elvis whispered, ”Preston, you have to come upstairs, look what I found.”

Me: “Elvis, what is it?”

Elvis: “I’m not telling … you have to follow me.”

Just the fact he wouldn’t tell me should have been a sign that I needed to stay with Mom.  Unfortunately though, us westies are curious (almost as curious as a cat).  So I followed Elvis up the stairs to Mom’s office.  Sitting on top of mom’s TV was my sister cat, Pepper – she looked like Chester the cat in Alice in Wonderland.  She rarely talks to me … but today she said, “Look what I knocked over just for my favorite westies!”  I looked down and there was a box of Girl Scout tag-a-longs!  These are cookies with peanut butter in them covered in chocolate.

In hindsight, I never should have trusted that cat.  She has never done anything nice for me before, why would she start now?  But Elvis was so excited!  He loves peanut butter (and bananas)!  Elvis started to pull the cookies out of the box and got the plastic wrapper off.  I had a bad feeling about this and I told Elvis I wanted no part in this!  Elvis replied, “Your loss, more for me” and he then proceeded to eat them all!

Elvis in the cookies -

Right then I hear Mom yelling, “Preston, Elvis, where are you?“.  Then I hear her coming up the stairs.  OH NO … what are we going to do?  I’m here so she is going to think I was a bad dog.  I ran to the top of the steps and barked at mom trying to tell her it is all Elvis.  Unfortunately Mom doesn’t speak dog so she didn’t understand.  As soon as she saw the empty box, the color drained out of her face and she said “Oh no!”  Well, actually she said another word that a good dog doesn’t repeat.

Mom runs downstairs to get her phone and calls Dad.  I couldn’t hear the whole conversation but I knew it wasn’t good.  I heard something about Chocolate, what should I do, and something about a vet.  Then she called the vet and was writing down a bunch of stuff on a notepad.  As soon as she gets off the phone she tells us she has to go to the store and will be back soon.  She came back home about ten minutes later with a bag from the grocery story.  At this point, I’m kind of freaked out.  She hasn’t yelled at us and she is being actually nice.  Plus, she is eerily calm.   She even makes up special milk for us mixed with hydrogen peroxide and gives it to us as a special treat.  It was yummy and we gulped it down!

However, then my stomach starts making weird noises and I start feeling really bad.  Then I realized there is something funny in that milk treat. Was this payback for Elvis eating her cookies?  Were we really that bad of a dog?  I run over to mom and cry out begging for forgiveness.  I promise to be a good dog and then proceed to throw up all over the kitchen floor.  Then I threw up again, and again, and again, and again.  Actually, ten times.

While all of this is going on, Elvis says his stomach is acting funny too and starts crying out.  He is determined not to throw up.  I don’t know how he lasted as long as he did.  When he finally threw up, it went everywhere.  He has some aim!  BOL.  Then I realized, Mom wasn’t being mean.  She was trying to get the chocolate out of our system.

For the record, I didn’t have a single tag-a-long in my throw-up because I was innocent and Mom apologized for making me sick.  She said she had to be certain I didn’t eat any cookies.  After a day of being upset at her for not believing me, she gave me a frosty paw and let me sleep in the bed.  At that point I finally decided to forgive her.

The lesson to all dogs out there is this: first, don’t eat any Girl Scout tag-a-longs, second, don’t ever think a cat is being nice to you by knocking cookies on the floor, and finally, don’t hang out with your trouble making brother or you may be throwing up all afternoon.



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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website


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