Beef and Bacon Pup Sushi
Recipe type: Dog Treats
Cuisine: Japanese
  1. Beef and Bacon Pup SushiUsing the Sushi Roll maker, fill up ⅔ of each side with Beef and Bacon Dinner loaf. This food will act like the sticky rice that is in a human sushi roll.
  2. On one side, spoon out some Sweet Potato (this is the vegetable).
  3. One the other side, put some of the Braised Beef Chunks (this is your sushi meat).
  4. Close the sushi maker.
  5. Layout your seaweed paper and carefully push your doggie sushi out of the sushi maker and onto the top part of the seaweed paper.
  6. Beef and Bacon Pup SushiRoll the seaweed paper around the food. If the paper does not want to stick, put a little bit of water on the ends of the paper. You can also add toothpicks to help it keep its shape.
  7. Put the roll in your freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes before you slice it. This will help the roll keep its shape when cutting it.
  8. Beef and Bacon Pup SushiCut the roll to your desired thickness and enjoy it.
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