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Chuck-it LIGHTPLAY Glow in the Dark Fetch Toy #Giveaway |

Chuck it Fetch Toy -

My pals at PetMate sent me some great fetch toys to try out called Chuck-it LIGHTPLAY. These dog toys actually glow in the dark! Recently, we had to turn our clock back and it is getting dark before Mom even comes home from the office. This means I am missing out on some serious playtime […]

Wordless Wednesday – Pride Bites Toys

PrestonSpeaks plays with a Pride Bites Toy

Ok, I know I’m breaking the rules a little but as I am including a few words in my Wordless Wednesday post about this awesome toy!  I got this fun pink pig from Pride Bites to try out! The pig has a squeaker, is soft, is made super tough so it is hard to tear […]

Canidae Treats Review | review Canidae Dog Treats

Oh how I LOVE treats! After reviewing many treats over the years, I have gotten pretty picky about what I will eat. So when my pals at the Canidae natural pet food company asked if they could me some of their treats to try out, I was a little hesitant … until they told me […]

VetIQ Minties and Vetguard Plus Review | review VetIQ Products

Recently, my pals from VetIQ reached out and asked what I use to keep my teeth pearly white.  I told them Mom tries to brush my teeth regularly, but I have a dental chew/treat every day.  They decided to send me some of their VetIQ Minties dental chews to try out. These dental chews are […]

The PooBagger Review |

Preston Speaks PooBagger Product Review

Ok, I’m going to talk about a not so fun chore you humans have to do when we live with you – waste cleanup.  Yep, I am talking about doggie poop.  It isn’t a fun job, and frankly, it is kind of smelly.  But if you humans don’t clean up our waste, then somehow you […]

Leash Alerts Review |

leash alert leashes

We ran across the Leash Alerts product at an Amazing Pet Expo, and we wanted to share with you my pals this wonderful idea! Each Leash Alerts leash clearly communicates an important message to everyone around while it is being used. We have been helping with animal rescue for several years now, and each dog […]

Milk-Bone®Brushing Chews™ – Review and Giveaway | @milkbone

MilkBone Dental Chews -

My pals, I am the first to admit, I HATE to have my teeth brushed. Mom tries and she manages to get them brushed for a week or two, and then one faithful afternoon we always have it out with me refusing to open my mouth or biting down on the toothbrush and not letting […]

The @PetSafe FroliCat Dart Review |


It’s the cats Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb here again.  We are so impressed!  Preston is really moving along with our list of demands (ATTN: The Cats have taken over). Now we wish we had added more … hehehe. He has agreed to be more careful with our FroliCat Dart.  We really enjoy playing with […]