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IAMS “Play Young, Stay Young” Facebook contest & giveaway – CLOSED

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I’m sure you read my awesome interview with Dr. Ernie Ward earlier this week on my blog! Well if you haven’t, then you’re not visiting my site enough. He shared with us how senior pets need special foods to help keep them younger and healthier longer. Now I’m a young pup, only 3


  1. Iams Senior Plus sounds like such great food. We already had a giveaway like this & the people were so excited to win & try this great new food.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Unfortunately, my sister’s dog DOES act her age. She is very old and it is starting to show :(

  3. No, they don’t. They aren’t aware they’re not puppies anymore!

  4. joseph gersch jr says:

    yes, she acts like a spoiled teenager

  5. Our dog acts her age as long as there’s nothing going on — but the minute we have company or visiting dogs or deer she acts just like a pup.

  6. Mine are still little guys. :) but JRvacts like an old man sometimes. Lol
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  7. Candice Hull says:

    He tries not to, but he was partially paralyzed due to a neighbor poisoning him a few years ago. We had to keep him in the bathroom and had to hold up his back end so he could use the bathroom. It was so sad! But, thank God, he is walking now. But, when it is cold or rainy, his hips hurt.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. melissa pruitt says:

    what’s act your age? dogs don’t know the meaning of that!

  9. My lab is over 10 and still acts frisky like a puppy

  10. April Lane says:

    I have a 5 year old and an 11 year old lab mix and they still love to run and play!

  11. Susan Smith says:

    My dog is 11 years old and acts her age. She is slow going these days.

  12. My oldest dog shows bursts of energy and then will sleep for the rest of the day. She’s almost 9 now

  13. Brady is oldish in body, but young in spirit.

  14. My dog is 14 and does genetally act her old age, with the occasional bout of youthful exuberance which generally coincides with meal time

  15. No, I think my dogs acts younger than his age…he is very active and playful.

  16. randolph schubert says:

    she does not move as well as she used to, but she still acts like a pup. she is a 7 year old doberman and loves to play tug of war.

  17. Not at all! She still thinks she’s a puppy

  18. Blackie is 7, but he’s one of the dogs that does not know he’s Sr.

  19. Heck no, my dog does not act his age!!!

  20. My dog, Sushi is turning 14 years old in September. No, she does not act or look her age. She has a 1 year old adopted sibling and keeps up with her. I think she’s brought back her youth.

  21. Email subscriber as

  22. Marlene V says:

    Our dog is 9 years old but she is still a puppy to us!!!

  23. David Gossett says:

    NO! haha…We have a Husky! They are forever puppies!

  24. My baby[hardly!] is going on 14 now, which is pretty good for a larger dog. He definitely has been acting slightly more his age this year, he’s slowed down a little bit, he’s a little more grumpy in general about getting up to go outside[especially if its cold…joints dont like cold], but he’s still great at manipulating you with those big brown puppy eyes, and will often still bound through the house barking and raising a fuss because he’s excited just to be inside with the humans :)

  25. Some days yes and some days no.

  26. Amy Brewer says:

    No my dog does not act his age..he is still playful with us all and loves attention.

  27. paige chandler says:

    My pug is 12 and just starting to show her age. UGH

  28. My girl definitely doesn’t act her age. I refuse to believe she’s a “senior”

  29. john mains says:

    heck no

  30. crystle tellerday says:

    no they dont act their age they act like puppies

  31. Steve Stone says:

    she runs around all the time so no

  32. young at heart, but not as active anymore
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  33. Yes she does, no longer a puppy!

  34. Most of the time no, he acts like a puppy still, but he has his days when his age shows

  35. April J says:

    I have three dogs and the oldest one (12 year old lab) acts like she is 2.
    All she wants to keep doing is retrieving :)

  36. jeni lutz says:

    Yes he acts his age old and slow

  37. Shirley Hicks says:

    nooo ours still acts like a puppy…..

  38. Paula Tavernie says:

    She is very slow now and sleeps alot!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  39. Paula Tavernie says:

    Im already subscribed!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  40. Sheryl Gruhler says:

    My male golden is still a puppy at heart.

  41. Christina says:

    My German Shepherd Husky mix dog Birdie is sweet, intelligent and compassionate. She has large stand-up ears, which make people think she’s still a puppy, but she’s 12! The only way she acts her age is that she takes more naps!

  42. Maegan Morin says:

    My dog ashna is 9 years old and she’s still as lively as ever. Only sometimes after the younger dogs have run her around does she curl up in the sun but for the most part she can give them a run for their money

  43. Debbie P says:

    Yeah, I would say our dogs act their ages. My Sisters pup is definately still learning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Angela Cisco says:

    I have a 15 yr old that is starting to have trouble getting around, a 7 yr old that acts like a puppy and a 2 yr old that acts like a old woman.

  45. kate turner says:

    nope he is as wild as ever

  46. Annette D says:

    My dog sometimes acts her age but mostly she acts like a puppy!

  47. My almost 15 year old Samoyed definitely does not act his age. He still wants to play catch (that’s right – catch – not fetch – he throws the ball/toy back at us), wants to run around the block even though I know he can only make it halfway now, and still thinks he’s a puppy.

  48. Our dog acts his age…he’s getting old and slowing down, but he still likes to show his spunk every once in a while :-)

  49. Gloria S says:

    One of our dogs is still very energetic for her age, but our other larger dog has arthritis and is getting hard to get around

  50. Kelly Ann T. says:

    We adopted Artie last week from a rescue group he is a little over a year old. He is playing and acting like the happy puppy he should be. No more out in the backyard and forgetting to be fed. He loves his doggy brother, Kouga, balls, and his dog bed. He doing pretty well with potty training too.

  51. Lenny Glickman says:

    7-year old Golden acts like a puppy! But does get tired.

  52. Harold D says:

    Yes, she has been acting old lately.

  53. susan varney says:

    no he does not

  54. Roxann Clark says:

    my dog is 16 yrs old and sure acts her age; she is grouchy most often

  55. my dog only acts his age when the alarm clock goes off

  56. Jody Sisson says:

    No, Even st 10 he still acts and plays like a puppy.

  57. This would be great for my 13 year old dog. Thanks!

  58. One acts old and the other tries to act young.

  59. Laurie Emerson says:

    One of our dogs is 8 and the other is 6. They act like young puppies when they are outside and love to run and play Frisbee.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  60. He’s four, but a super large breed so we already have to give him supplements so he’s not limping.

  61. no she doesn’t thanks

  62. kathy pease says:

    my chow chow bella is 9 years old and she loves to sleep a lot

  63. No, he doesn’t – still full of puppy pep at age 10+.

  64. We operate as a hospice type facility for the elderly and ill companion animals. We just took in an 11 year old English Mastiff “Clyde” whom we were told was going blind, deaf and arthritic. Well he got to the Sanctuary…he is deaf or at least has selective hearing. But when it comes to the arthritics…he can trot at a fast clip when he wants to explore the 10 acres.

  65. nicole dunlop says:

    Heh Act their age? Yeah Right! We foster dogs and some do some don’t… at first they seem down and depressed mainly from being abandoned or abused. To me that makes them seem older, nevermind the torment of being rescued and brought into a new home with other dogs they don’t know. After awhile of getting to know us, regular meals, treats and of coarse lots of love and kisses they come around and start acting free & happy! We make dog cookies and sell them to help offset the vet bills and food costs, but they get the best benefit of all being the cookie testers! Fingers Crossed! This would Help alot!
    Nicole and Dawn

  66. We are the home to 3 English mastiffs, 1 bull mastiff, 2 st. Bernards, 1 pugle, 1 lab, 1 blue tick, 1 Great Dane, 3 staffordshire terriers, 7 Staffordshire terrier pups, 2 huskies, 2 rotties, 1 boxers, 1 pig, 52 cats and 3 neonatal raccoons. OF the dogs 12 are seniors…who when it comes to taking a walk all of a sudden are pups.

  67. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Sometimes he grunts and groans like a little oldman but he’s just trying to get attention. :] He’s active once you get his leash out!

  68. Amber Carter says:

    No, she acts like a puppy

  69. Wendy Rozema says:

    yes he does!

  70. Coriander Warren says:

    I have a 13 year old jack russel terrier….and there are days when she acts like she’s a puppy still….it’s too cute!

  71. christal c says:

    yes she acts like an old fart

  72. My dog does act her age, but also has her puppy moments.

  73. My Jack Russell will always act like a puppy, my Scottie has always acted like a little old man!

  74. Breanne says:


  75. paige jagan says:

    No way! She is 10 and act like she is 2!

  76. Nikki Davis says:

    No she is 8, going on 6 months….

    Thank you for the entry,

  77. Christie Kammerer says:

    no she can act like a 2 yr old LOL


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